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As the parents of two boys who adore the sport of baseball, we have grown quite accustomed to setting limitations on how and where they may play. In terms of unsupervised street-ball or pickup games at the park, hitting hardballs with wood or metal bats is simply out of the question. 

Wiffleballs are wonderful, but eventually become underwhelming in terms of overall satisfaction and distance the ball will travel. Inevitably, they will try using a meatier ball with their toy bat. More often than not, they will end up using a tennis ball which will eventually leave the bat looking like a limp noodle.



The Tennis Ball is the most versatile and ubiquitous of balls. The Tennis Ball is such a fascinating multipurpose ball that the actual sport it’s used in, Tennis, is probably last on the list for games you played with a tennis ball from your childhood. Wall Ball, Spread Eagle, Butts Up… Whatever you called it could also be played with a tennis ball. Running and jumping into the pool and making diving catches… The tennis ball has arguably provided more entertainment than any other ball, ever. It's also a fantastic training tool both offensively (enhancing a hitters timing) and defensively (soft hands).


Vowing never to buy another cheap or flimsy toy bat unworthy of the tennis ball again, we set out to make our own. NUKES™ (high density plastic) bats are made for tennis balls and designed specifically to hit NUKES, DINGERS, BOMBS, etc.


Yep… America's Favorite Pastime Just Got Gooder!

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