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The Tennis Ball Bat ™

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Merica NukeBat
All-Star NukeBat
MoonShot NukeBat
Royal NukeBat
LolliPop NukeBat


Made for Tennis Balls, Designed to Hit Nukes! Perfect for street-ball and pickup games at the park, when/where metal/wood bats and hardballs simply won't fly. WARNING: Side effects include enhanced contact, timing, soft hands and less screen-time. 

Cuz practice doesn't have to suck

Gen2 NukeBat Handles
The Tennis Ball Bat Company
Gen2 NukeBats


The Youth HIT Trainer Trusted by Pros


Holla @ Us 🎾

The Tennis Ball Bat Company
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America’s favorite pastime just got gooder with a "street legal" (high density plastic) bat, MADE FOR TENNIS BALLS, designed to hit NUKES, DINGERS, HOMERS, DADDY-HACKS, etc., on or off the field. Kid (and grown-up) tested and approved ✔︎ Learn more

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