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End Loaded 29” Length Configuration Featuring Custom Connect® Technology. Effortless swing, Longer Barrel + Way More Pop!


High Density 3-Piece Plastic Polymer Construction

Longer Barrel Design for Maximum"Sweet Spot"

2.375" Diameter Barrel for Enhanced Contact

Domed Polymer End Cap w/Beveled knob

H-Town Orange (Semi-Gloss Finish)

Your Choice of Pro Grip Tape

Handcrafted with Love in Texas, USA



NukeBat™ | Made for Tennis Balls, Designed to Hit Nukes!


NukeBats™ are Handcrafted and Custom Made to Order in the Great State of Texas! Please allow 3-5 days for production and 3-5 days for delivery.

H-Town™ (Gen2)

Bat Color: HTX Orange
Pro Grip Tape
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